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App Features

Create clients and enter anthropometric values

Document and evaluate the progress of Equine Assisted Services

Graphical display of intervention effects and export reports

Easily create, download and send invoices

Easy organization of interventions with the help of the calendar

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The creation of clients allows to enter contact data as well as personal and anthropometric values. Individual comments can be added and diseases and disabilities can be assigned locally. Individual clients can be assigned to a group within the app. Detailed instructions for creating clients and group assignments can be found here:



The calendar offers the possibility to enter appointments and thus organize interventions easily and clearly. In addition, individual notes can be added and the weekly workload can be monitored on the dashboard. Detailed instructions on how to add appointments can be found here:



EQUITEDO® is used for the documentation and evaluation of Interventions and provides evidence of the efficacy of Equine Assisted Services for internal documentation as well as for clients and payers. You can find detailed instructions on how to create a report here:



The ICF-based assessment tool was developed in a two-year scientific study in close consultation with therapists and experts from the practice of Equine Assisted Services and enables the measurement of mental, motor and psychosocial functioning. EQUITEDO® has a modular structure and offers, in addition to the basic module for Equine Assisted Services, additional specializations in Hippotherapy (Equine Assisted Physiotherapy) as well as Equine Assisted Learning in individual and group settings. Furthermore, in addition to individual information on the horse, gaits and other therapy contents and methods as well as unit-related particularities can be entered in free-text fields. Detailed instructions on how to create assessments can be found here:

After completion of the assessment, there is the option of graphical representation of module averages
as well as specific mental, motor, and psychosocial functions:

Basic Module: Equine Assisted Services (EAS)

Submodule: Hippotherapy (Equine Assisted Physiotherapy)

Submodule: Equine Assisted Learning (Individual Setting)

Submodule: Eqiune Assisted Learning (Group Setting)



Invoices can be easily created and exported in the app. The option of marking open, paid and cancelled invoices offers another advantage for organizing interventions in a holistic way. Detailed instructions on how to create an invoice can be found here:


User Manual

By purchasing EQUITEDO® you will receive a free user manual on how to use the app.



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